Gameshow Ireland

Robert Farmer Founder and Host of Gameshow Ireland

Robert Farmer Founder and Host of Gameshow Ireland

Gameshow Ireland uses state of the art equipment for every tv-style gameshow production. We use podiums, Microphones, Lock-Out Buzzers, Video Screens, Projectors, Backdrops and a Full Sound & Lighting System.

We make it our business to give you the best event possible. Each show can be suited to your individual company or organization. Questions can be devised for your product or theme. Gameshow Ireland gives you a brand new experience in entertainment. We cater for and customize gameshows to suit many different events including

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Gameshow Ireland Games

Beat The Boss

loosely based on the TV show “The Chase”. Four teams of three battle it out over a semi-final/final scenario where trivia style general knowledge type questions are asked. Thirty questions per game. The overall winning team then has to answer as many questions as possible in a specified time. "The Boss" then has to try and match or beat that score in the same allotted time

Ten to One

A game that includes ten podiums. Each podium has five lives. Individuals play against each other answering trivia questions. Get it right to gain points, get it wrong and you lose points for that podium and you also lose a life for that podium. When a podium loses all its lives then it is closed and that contestant is out of the game. This continues until only one remains.

Face Off

A game that can be played with two or four contestants. It is a trivia style game of quickest to buzz in and get it right. First to reach 9 wins or goes into the next round. This is ideal for Pubs or fillers at customised events.

Corporate Fortunes

loosely based on the TV Game Show "Family Fortunes" and is run as a team event. Two teams come up at a time and battle it out over various surveys presented on screen to gain points. The winning team keeps going forward until there is only one remaining

Quest For The Best

A team game consisting of a minimum of five and a maximum of ten contestants. Each team stands behind one of six podiums. At the beginning the teams are allocated 1000 points. Questions are asked and if a team buzzes in and get it right, they then can take points from an opposing team. If they get it wrong the points are deducted from their own team. Each team member rotates in a relay format. Once a team reaches zero then that podium is closed and that team are eliminated from the game. This continues until there is only one team left.

The Challenge

loosely based on the American Game Show "Jeopardy". Again a member of each team or individual comes up to the podium to play against each other in a style of choosing a category first then choosing the severity of the question that they want to answer. The lower the question they choose then the lower the amount of points they win. This continues until there is only one team or individual remaining. The team become individuals to battle it out against each other to find the overall winner

Royal Flush

A game that involves trivia and knowledge of poker. Five contestants answer trivia questions in order to create the perfect poker hand. Answer a question correctly to pick a card. Once each contestant has picked five cards, the one to create the better poker hand wins that round and goes forward to the next. This can be played as individuals, couples or teams.

Last One Standing

A game that involves five individuals to answer 25 questions in round one. The contestant with the lowest score after 25 leaves the competition. The remaining four contestants then answer 20 questions and again the lowest score leaves the competition. The remaining three contestants answer 15 questions and then the remaining two contestants answer ten questions. The result will be to have the last one standing.

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